Berkeley Catalyst Philanthropic Funds I and II

BCPF provides benefits to entrepreneurial startups in Berkeley’s College of Chemistry and throughout the UC system.


Berkeley Catalyst Philanthropic Fund

The Berkeley Catalyst Philanthropic Funds I and II (BCPF) are the College of Chemistry’s non-profit fundraising programs that parallel the work of its sister fund, the for-profit Berkeley Catalyst Fund (BCF). These funds were created to work closely with UC Berkley faculty, Lab scientists, UC San Francisco faculty and scientists, associated incubators and accelerators, and student and alumni entrepreneurs to foster startups in the life sciences (therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices), biotechnology, agriculture, cleantech (clean air, clean water, energy storage), and sensors. The BCF is primarily focused on Seed and Series A funding.

Gifts to the Berkeley Catalyst Philanthropic Fund are 100% deductible and are a way for alumni and donors to help Cal entrepreneurs and the College of Chemistry. Investment returns from the for-profit BCF will be transferred to the College via the UC Berkeley Foundation to help support the College’s various programs.

Meet Some of Our College of Chemistry Faculty Entrepreneurs