The Berkeley Catalyst Philanthropic Fund (BCPF) is the College of Chemistry’s fund raising program that works in parallel with its sister fund, the Berkeley Catalyst Fund (BCF). The BCF works closely with UC Berkeley faculty, Berkeley Lab scientists, UC San Francisco faculty and scientists, associated incubators and accelerators, and student and alumni entrepreneurs to foster startups in the life sciences. The fund’s current focus is diagnostic and medical device therapeutics, biotechnology, agriculture, cleantech (clean air, clean water, and energy storage), and sensors. The BCF is primarily focused on Seed and Series A funding.

Gifts to the Berkeley Catalyst Philanthropic Fund are 100% deductible and are made to the UC Berkeley Foundation who can invest the aggregated funds into the for-profit Berkeley Catalyst Fund. Donating to the BCPF is a way for alumni and donors to help Cal entrepreneurs and the College of Chemistry. The UCBF and the College of Chemistry will consult on returns which can be returned to the college or be reinvested by the UCBF into the Berkeley Catalyst Fund.

Why invest in the Berkeley Catalyst Philanthropic Fund II?

Donating to the Berkeley Catalyst Philanthropic Fund II assists new UC startups both financially and professionally. The BCPF is a groundbreaking program that was the first of its kind for the UC system becoming a funding model for other campuses. The management team includes College alumni with a strong scientific background. Beyond investments, the team consults with new companies to help them get the right business start.

The BCPF is currently RAISING its second FUND with a goal of $20M

BCPF donations are aggregated and invested by the UC Berkeley Foundation (UCBF) into the Berkeley Catalyst Fund, the for-profit venture capital fund that is a separate entity from the University. The UCBF invests donations on behalf of the College of Chemistry and returns proceeds to the College to be used for its various programs.

Donations to the Berkeley Catalyst Philanthropic Fund II is a way for alumni and donors to help Cal entrepreneurs:

  • Donations may be in any amount, are 100% tax deductible, and are included in your annual total giving to the University,
  • Donations are financially managed by the UC Berkeley Foundation via a special limited partnership;
  • Donations are used to foster entrepreneurial teams and activities on campus, before teams become new companies;
  • Donations are aggregated and invested into the Berkeley Catalyst Fund; and,
  • Alumni and donors can connect with newly formed teams and companies to offer their industry and business expertise.


Please consider a donation to Berkeley Catalyst Philanthropic Fund II.

“In making this gift to the BCPF II, please note that it is with the full understanding that all investments by nature, are subject to gain or loss including loss of principal.”

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For questions, please contact Camille Olufson, Sr. Director, Strategic & Philanthropic Partnerships at or 925.788.1380.